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Flipped learning - Craig n Dave - OCR GCSE

Your first unit of work in Religious Education is very brief, and ends in a baseline assessment

For this unit of work you will be building upon any study of Sikhism you may have undertaken in Primary School.  We will be looking at:
1. What it means to be a Sikh
2. How Sikhs put their beliefs into action
3. The Gurdwara
4. Nature of God, for Sikhs

You will complete a group ICT project, and a formal written assessment.

In this unit of work you will looking at the person of Jesus, exploring His stories and the key events that happened to Him during His life.  Things we look at:

1. The Birth of Jesus
2. The Historical Jesus
3. Miracles, Parables, and Teachings
4. Holy Week
5. The Importance of the Resurrection of Jesus

You will complete two written assessments during this unit, one mid-unit assessment for use at Parents' Evening and one final, summative assessment.